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Dodge Service and Repair

Dodge Ram and Sprinter Trucks have been available with diesel engines for years—there are many on the roads around Carthage—and when they need diesel auto repair, the number one choice of Dodge owners is the diesel auto mechanics at Dry Fork Diesel & Auto LLC.

Of course, Dodge makes many models of gasoline-powered vehicles as well, and the Dry Fork Diesel & Auto LLC diesel auto mechanics are just as adept at their repair as they are at diesel auto repair. That’s because they’re highly trained and continue their education, staying on top of the fast-evolving technology of diesel auto repair and gasoline auto repair for Dodge vehicles.

Many Dodge owners from Carthage and even beyond have found out the hard way that the dealerships don’t have your best interests in mind when it comes to diesel auto repair. In fact, it’s a conflict of interest for them to have their diesel auto mechanics keep your Dodge on the road any longer than necessary. Why? Simple. They want to sell you a new vehicle. At Dry Fork Diesel & Auto LLC in Carthage, we don’t sell cars. We fix them. Bring your Dodge to us, and our diesel auto mechanics will help you to get every last mile out of it.

We’re not just about diesel auto repair: our diesel auto mechanics are also experts at Dodge gasoline engines. Contact us to set up a time to have our diesel auto mechanics take a look at your Cadillac. Schedule an appointment online, or simply stop by. Dry Fork Diesel & Auto LLC. is located at 16740 CR 138 Carthage, MO 64836.