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C200 threequarters by stillwellmike, used under CC BY-SA 2.0

Chrysler Service and Repair

Chrysler manufactured a few diesel vehicles, and these vehicles are aging now and will likely be in need of diesel auto repair such as that provided by the all-star team of diesel auto mechanics of Dry Fork Diesel & Auto LLC in Carthage. And don’t think that just because your Chrysler burns gasoline that these diesel mechanics aren’t capable of making it purr like a kitten. They’re highly trained in all aspects of diesel auto repair and gasoline auto repair, utilizing the latest in diagnostic and repair equipment.

When owner Darren Adams opened Dry Fork Diesel & Auto LLC in 2013, he did so with the intent of providing the citizens and Chrysler owners of Carthage with the finest in diesel auto repair services. By any measure, he has succeeded, in no small part by assembling that crack team of diesel auto mechanics.

Darren also wanted to give his customers the very best in customer service experiences when they bring in their Chryslers for diesel auto repair or other services. The fact that we now have legions of dedicated, loyal customers who wouldn’t go anywhere else for diesel auto repair is proof of his success. Check out what a recent customer said about his diesel auto repair, though it wasn’t for a Chrysler:

“The guys at Dry Fork were able to determine the issues with my 6.0 Powerstroke and get it fixed. They did a great job and were very fairly priced (we all know these diesels are expensive buggers but I was pleased with the service and the price). Anytime I have something on my truck that I cannot do myself, Dry Fork will definitely be my first call! Thanks for getting me back on the road quickly!”—J.T.L.

Thank you for your kind words and continued business, JT. If you find your Chrysler in need of expert diesel auto repair, contact us to set up a time to have our diesel auto mechanics take a look. Schedule an appointment online, or simply stop by. Dry Fork Diesel & Auto LLC is located at 16740 CR 138 Carthage, MO 64836.