Paccar Truck Repair & Service in Carthage, MO

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Paccar Truck Repair in Carthage, MO

Paccar makes diesel engines and trucks under the Kenworth, Peterbilt, and DAF name plates, but even well-known and trusted brand name vehicles like that are going to need diesel auto repair eventually. That’s when you want to call on Dry Fork Diesel & Auto LLC of Carthage and our crack team of diesel auto mechanics.

You may not know the name Paccar, but as mentioned above, you’re aware of their products. The diesel auto mechanics of Dry Fork Diesel & Auto LLC are intimately familiar with the inner workings of all the Paccar brands and will perform the necessary diesel auto repairs that will get these iconic trucks back on the road quickly. Because as a busy professional, you know that every minute your Paccar-made truck is sidelined for diesel auto repair, you’re losing money. And that’s no bueno.

Since 2013, when owner Darren Adams founded Dry Fork Diesel & Auto LLC, we’ve gathered hundreds of loyal, dedicated customers. Here’s what one recent client had to say in a five-star review about his experience with our diesel auto mechanics, regarding Paccar service and repair:

“They are the best. Good people and honest. My truck was stolen Dec 24, and recovered a few days later with body damage, four-wheel drive & other problems. They sub the body work out and Dry Fork fixed the mechanical problems got it done 2 days before I had to take the rental back. And they have taken care of my truck since I have owned it. Triple A Rating.” — Steve H.

If you drive a Paccar-manufactured truck from Kenworth, Peterbilt or DAF and it’s in need of expert diesel auto repair, contact us to set up a time to have our diesel auto mechanics take a look. Schedule an appointment online, or simply stop by. Dry Fork Diesel & Auto LLC. is located at 16740 CR 138 Carthage, MO 64836.