Cummins Light Duty Truck Repair & Service in Carthage, MO

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Cummins Light Duty Repair & Service in Carthage, MO

If your Cummins light duty needs diesel auto repair in Carthage, you’ve come to the right place, as the diesel auto mechanics of Dry Fork Diesel & Auto LLC are the right ones for the job. Cummins light duty engines are under the hood in Nissan and Ram pickup trucks and many light-duty commercial vehicles.

Cummins light duty engines are tough and reliable, but they occasionally require diesel auto repair. The diesel auto mechanics of Dry Fork Diesel & Auto LLC are well-versed in all models of Cummins light duty engines and will have your truck back on the roads of Carthage in no time, and as you know, when you rely on your truck for your living, downtime is money lost.

Our ASA-certified shop employs highly-trained diesel auto mechanics who have earned a reputation in the Carthage area as the go-to technicians when it comes to performing diesel auto repair on your Cummins light duty-equipped vehicle. We have the most up-to-date equipment for diagnosing and repairing your Cummins light duty. We back our work with a 3-year/36,000-mile nationwide warranty through O’Reilly’s Certified Auto.

We can talk all day about how the diesel auto mechanics of Dry Fork Diesel & Auto LLC are the best at diesel auto repair in the Carthage area, but let’s have Steve, a recent customer, tell you about his experience:

“They are the best. Good people and honest. My truck was stolen Dec 24, and recovered a few days later with body damage, four-wheel drive & other problems. They sub the body work out and Dry Fork fixed the mechanical problems got it done 2 days before I had to take the rental back. And they have taken care of my truck since I have owned it. Triple A Rating.” — Steve H.

So when your Cummins light duty-equipped truck is in need of expert diesel auto repair, contact us to set up a time to have our diesel auto mechanics take a look. Schedule an appointment online, or simply stop by. Dry Fork Diesel & Auto LLC. is located at 16740 CR 138 Carthage, MO 64836.