The Top 5 Signs You Need Auto Repair Service in Carthage, MO

When it comes to automotive trouble, there are plenty of signs that indicate there’s something off with your vehicle. With all its computers and whatnot, your vehicle itself is very smart, however, it’s up to the driver to pay attention to signs of a potential problem so that you can bring your automobile in for servicing. Several common symptoms may occur for all vehicle makes and models that will constitute a possible issue. If you notice any of these signs of car trouble, bring your vehicle to Dry Fork Diesel & Auto LLC in Carthage, MO.


Noises are one of the most common signs of a problem. You are likely to hear grinding noise when your vehicle’s transmission shifts, or a squealing or howling noise while braking, representing worn brake pads. The first noise indicates that your car is likely to be running low on transmission fluid. If you hear a strange noise while driving that is persistent, it is important that you bring your vehicle into our shop for an inspection.


A vibrating or shaking while driving isn’t just annoying - it can be a sign of a potential issue with your vehicle. Some of the common vibrations include a gas pedal vibrating, potentially indicating an exhaust leak or a steering wheel that shakes back and forth, meaning your vehicle is due for a wheel alignment.

Dashboard Indicator Light

Your vehicle has its way of letting you know that trouble is present and it’s through dashboard indicator lights. If any light comes on, the specialists at our auto repair center in Carthage, MO will provide you with diagnostics and get the issues fixed. These lights include the check engine light, battery light, oil pressure light, TPMS light, ABS light, and others.

Fluid Leaks

Your vehicle uses different types of fluids to operate and they should never leak. If you notice something is dripping from your car, head straight to our shop. The critical fluids used by your car include engine oil, transmission fluid, coolant, brake fluid, gasoline, differential fluid, and power steering fluid. All of these fluids are vital to the operation of your car, and a leak could lead to a broken down vehicle if left ignored.

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