Your vehicle’s warning signs with Dry Fork Diesel Repair

Vehicle ownership has its moments. When your vehicle is new, you love the smell, look, and feel of your car. Time gradually starts to change your car and your feelings toward it, and you start noticing small issues popping up. In this article, Dry Fork Diesel Repair of Carthage, Missouri, discusses the warning signs that your vehicle needs maintenance soon.

What are the signs?
Check Engine Light
The check engine light is the most obvious sign that something is happening. The bright orange or yellow light will come on if something is possibly amiss with your engine. Here is some good news: The engine light means that the engine knows of a possible failure, likely before it leaves you stranded road side or in your driveway. Bring it to Dry Fork Diesel and we’ll take a look at your diesel truck to see what’s wrong and offer solutions to fix it.

Your truck can have some particular smells that warn you of things to come. Coolant smells sweet and is needed to keep your engine cool under stress. A burning smell can mean that your oil is burning or potentially leaking. Oil is quite necessary to properly lubricate your truck’s engine. 

Shaking or Shuttering
When traveling, your truck should move pretty smoothly. Shaking or shuttering means that either your tires or suspension are experiencing a problem. Dry Fork can help with regular tire rotations and alignment inspections. Your tire are crucial to maintaining a proper alignment as uneven wear can lead to longer term issues with your suspension. 

Does your vehicle leave fluid in the driveway? This is not a great sign and should be checked out by Dry Fork Diesel Repair! A leak will usually produce a smell, but it might not be strong enough to notice. Red fluid can be transmission fluid. Yellow is often brake fluid, which is necessary to stop. Oil leaks tend to be brown. Simply checking your fluid levels to ensure your vehicle isn’t leaking too fast is helpful before you bring it in to Dry Fork. Leaks can be in a variety of hard to find places. Getting your vehicle on our lift is a good start.

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