The Do’s and Don’ts When Caring For Your Truck This Summer

With summer well underway, there’s never been a better time to hit the beaches or someplace out of town with the family. If you are by yourself, then you can take a weekend getaway or go on a cross-country road trip. Either way, caring for your truck should be the first thing to keep in mind this summer. 

That’s why Dry Fork Diesel and Auto in Carthage has put together some “do’s” and “don’ts” so your truck stays in the best shape possible all throughout the summer. Whether you’re commuting daily for work or heading out for summer fun, it’s important to consider the tips below so your summer isn’t riddled with car trouble. 

With that said, here are some “do’s” and “don’ts” to be aware of:

DO check your tires regularly

Your tires will deal with the brunt of this summer heat since it will be on pavement that will be way hotter than the air temperature. High heat can do some damage to your tires (and even overinflate them). That’s why it’s important to check them regularly.

Every week or so, be sure to check for any kind of changes in the surface like cracks or wear. Also, the tire pressure should be checked regularly to ensure that it’s within the appropriate PSI range (check the inside of the driver’s door frame or the owner’s manual). 

DON’T forget about the oil as well

If there is one thing you shouldn’t skip, it’s checking the oil regularly. You want to make sure the oil is in good enough condition to keep your engine clean and your parts running. Checking the oil can lead to some early detection of certain issues.

For example, if you notice a light color within your oil, then coolant has leaked into your oil system and mixed with the oil itself. Also, any kind of metallic bits and pieces within your oil will signify engine damage. 

Early detection can save your truck’s life. And they can be detected with just a simple oil check usually. 

DON’T ignore minor truck issues at all

Many minor issues can and will lead to something much worse. Furthermore, major truck trouble can pose a dangerous threat to you or your passengers (especially your kids). 

If you hear or notice something strange, get it to a mechanic near you. Plus, it might also save you time and money to nip it in the bud now rather than when it becomes an emergency. 

DO set an appointment with us for a maintenance checkup

Going to a mechanic shouldn’t be for the most critical truck problems. In fact, you should go to a mechanic at least once a year for a regular checkup. They’ll be able to do a thorough check of your truck so everything is in good shape.

If something seems off, we can fix it. If there’s a part that needs replacing, they’ll get it done. By the way, Dry Fork Diesel and Auto does have a 5 year/50,000-mile warranty for every part we install during maintenance. And we’ll make sure we make it right if something goes wrong. 

At Dry Fork Diesel and Auto, we work with any car or truck, whether it runs on regular gas or diesel. We have financing available for any kind of mechanical work. If you can’t make the payments in one go, you can set up an easy payment plan in a snap.

If your day is very busy, we’ll pick up your truck from home and drop it off when we’re finished.

It’s all about you and the people of Carthage when it comes to high-quality customer service. To set up an appointment, stop by our location at 16740 County Road 138, Carthage, MO, 64836 or call us now at (417) 394-2130. 

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