Dry Fork Diesel Repair Winter Driving Tips

Dry Fork Diesel Repair is a truck repair center you can trust in Carthage, Missouri. We specialize in trucks and will gladly help repair your diesel trucks too.

Dry Fork knows that winter is upon us. The days are getting a bit colder and snow and rain are possible. Let us help you get your vehicle ready for winter so you feel confident traveling to work and play.

Here are some winter weather tips straight from Dry Fork Diesel Repair to keep your vehicle running smooth this winter:

Glow Plug Test

Your glow plug is a unique addition to some diesel truck not found on most gasoline vehicles. Glow plugs aid in starting your vehicle in cold weather and should be checked and tested to make sure they are ready to go, especially on Duramax engines. Checking and replacing your glow plugs can make the difference between getting out the door on time and being left in the cold.

Whether your vehicle is a Chevrolet, Ford, Dodge or a semi, we can help make sure your vehicle is ready to start in the winter. We also offer a 3 year, 36,000 mile warranty on our parts and labor.


Brakes are absolutely essential, and not a car part you want to replace too late. After all, they are critical for slowing down and stopping in all weather. Dry Fork can help inspect and replace your brakes.  Our ASE Certified Technicians are also quick and can usually get you going the same day.

Be sure to stop in to Dry Fork Diesel Repair earlier than you think for brakes. When you start hearing extra nose when you stop, new problems might be coming. We encourage you to see us early! Your truck or semi needs to be able to stop.

Fuel Filters

The most common area for a diesel truck’s fuel to freeze is in the fuel filter - a filter that holds a very small amount of fuel when your truck engine is off. An old or cold filter can cause your vehicle to underperform and not start. Bring your diesel truck in for auto repair with us at Dry Fork Diesel, and we’ll make sure your fuel filter is ready to roll for the winter. Like brakes, fuel filters are best replace when it’s not too late.

Fuel filters are among the basic unique parts ot a diesel truck that Dry Fork Diesel Repair in Carthage would love to help you with. We offer diesel specific specialists too.

A Bit About Us

We strive to be the truck repair you trust! We know you depend upon your truck or semi to run your farm, your business, your family and your life. Have questions? Want to make an appointment?

Call us at (417) 310-1397 or stop in at 16740 County Road 138, Carthage, MO, 64836. We are happy to be of service and look forward to serving you and our Joplin, MO community too..

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