Diagnosing and Fixing Engine Sputtering at Dry Fork Diesel

Is your engine sputtering or providing inconsistent power? Most any loss of power or noise besides the sound of starting, accelerating, and slowing down is likely a sign of a maintenance need.


Dry Fork Diesel loves to help with these issues and your maintenance. We are located in Carthage, Missouri but enjoy helping customers from other cities like Joplin too. We specialize in diesel and work especially on regular and heavy-duty trucks. We have worked with diesel for many years and know our stuff!


Why does an engine sputter?

Diesel engines sputter for a variety of reasons. We explore why

Fuel system issues

Your diesel engine is powered by a fuel system that has a filter, pump, and injectors. Since these parts are connected, only one needs to underperform or fail to cause a problem with the whole system. Debris and dirt can sneak in. Diesel is especially susceptible to fuel system issues since diesel can gel and clog its own filters.


These issues result in inconsistent fuel flow and sputtering. Regular maintenance by Dry Fork Diesel can prevent issues from popping up. Inspections by our ASE Certified Technicians can diagnose problems before they become major.


Spark Plugs

Spark plugs literally “spark” the air fuel mixture and send power through your vehicle. If they don’t spark consistently, your vehicle will receive a variable amount of power. This is especially noticeable while maintaining a consistent speed or idling. Dirty spark plugs can be marred by dirt or even oil with an engine leak.


You will likely hear your vehicle surging, especially while idling if your spark plugs are going bad.


Dirty Sensors

Your diesel truck relies upon a variety of sensors to maintain the right mixture of air and fuel as well as temperature. A dirty sensor can lead to misreads and mixed engine performance without the right balance of temperature, fuel, and air.


Dirty sensor sand spark plugs can trigger a check engine light. The check engine light is an annoyance to most drivers, but also a helpful tool to tell you something is wrong.


What should you do about these problems?

Bring it into Dry Fork Diesel. We’ve seen every problem a diesel engine could have. Maintenance is very important to keep fuel and engine problems from happening in the first place. We can help you look for future issues when you come in for your regular oil change.


Why Dry Fork?

We are family owned and operated. Our rave reviews show our integrity and honesty. We live and work in the same community you do and care about keeping your life running. We offer free loaner cars and shuttles to and from here, your work, and other local places. Many of our customer are diesel enthusiasts and we are happy to help service their vehicles.


You can contact us at (417) 310-1397 or visit our shop at 16740 County Road 138, Carthage, MO, 64836. We are here to serve you and the community

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